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DMV Driver Permit Test


The DMV permit written test that you must take to get your learner's permit is really difficult and that is why most people fail it the first time around. To ensure that you are success right away we have designed permit practice test that will help you get ready for your DMV driver permit test.


We have designed these practice tests to be all online, so you can get ready for your DMV permit written test all from the comfort of your own home. You can work on these from any computer with an internet connection, so where you prepare for your DMV driver permit test is totally up to you.


The thing that makes these practice tests so unique is that every question on them has appeared on an actual DMV permit written test, so you get to practice with the real thing. This will give you a really good idea as to what you will see on your DMV driver permit test and you may even see some of the same exact questions.


We offer two different packages to help you prepare for your DMV permit written test and the one you choose should really depend on how much you want to practice. One of the practice test packages has 50 questions in it and the other one has 100 questions; the more you practice the better prepared you will be for your DMV driver permit test.


Once you have decided which practice test package is best for you, you are ready to get started using them. You have the choice to either use this package as a questions review where you study all the questions and answers at once or to have computer automatically generate sample quizzes for you. These quizzes look identical to the DMV permit written test you will be taking, so this method will help familiarize you with the format. The computer randomly selects questions for each quiz, so you will never see the same one twice. We give you a choice because only you know what study methods work the best for you.


The computer scores your practice tests immediately, so you never have to wait to find out how you did. This also allows you to maximize your study time and to fix your mistakes so they don't happen on your DMV driver permit test. You can take these practice tests as many times as you want over a six month period of time, so the amount of studying you get is completely up to you.

Go into the DMV feeling confident and sure of yourself; log on to your practice tests today!