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We have a simple and convenient way to help you pass your Virginia CDL exam on your first try–and it doesn’t involve reading through pages of a DMV handbook! With our Virginia interactive Online Practice Test , you can study as much as you want, from wherever you are, learning faster and more efficiently with every attempt.

  • State-specific questions
  • Features traffic laws
  • Study as much as you want

Take advantage of the graded quizzes to monitor your progress and test what you’ve learned, and use the study review to master the concepts that you need work on. It’s the best of both worlds for one low price!

Two Ways to Study

It is just a fact that you will have an simpler time remembering information when you study it from different angles, so we help provide you with something that can really help you pass the CDL test. The study review questions allow you to research the information directly, a single question at a time. When you are ready to test your knowledge, then all you have to do is that the graded practice test.

Built by Driving Education Pros

Every single question and answer was carefully chosen and written by real experts in the driving education field. This means that you only get the best and most pertinent knowledge every time you study with us.

Improve Your Chances of Success When You Study with I Drive Safely!
How to Prepare for the Virginia CDL Test
Preparing for the Virginia CDL written test is not as hard as it seems. With our 'Complete Package', you get exactly the right amount of practice without wasting away hours of your time. Our short 1-hour VA driver preparation course teaches you everything there is to know about driving in Virginia. Then once you have learned the material, you can test your knowledge with our Virgina state-specific CDL practice test.
VA Driver Preparation Course
Our exclusive VA driver preparation course teaches you everything inside the Virginia drivers handbook, except in a short, 1-hour crash course. The best part about the course is that the audio reads the course material aloud to you. All you have to do is sit, watch and listen as the course teaches you the rules of the road in Virginia. Plus, our course is enhanced with graphics and 3-D animation that makes it easier for you to apply what you learn to real life driving.
Virginia CDL Practice Test
Our Virginia Online CDL practice test is a unique way to practice. Like the prep course, our practice tests are web-based. That means that you can study in two different ways. First, use the practice tests as a study guide by seeing the answers revealed. Once you understand why the answers are correct, you can hide the answers and take the test like it's the actual Virginia CDL test. The questions automatically shuffle after every run through.
What if I Don't Want Both?
No problem. If the 'Complete Package' is not the right choice for your Virginia CDL test preparation, we also sell both the preparatory course and practice tests separately. We even give you the option of purchasing 50 or 100-question practice tests, whichever meet your needs. But if you are still considering the 'Complete Package', it may help to know that the 'Complete Package' gives you 100 questions for the price of 50. That's 50 additional questions for free!
Go With the Leader in Drivers Training

I Drive Safely has been offering online drivers training and defensive driving courses for over a decade. Leave it to the experts to create a course and practice test combination package that teaches you everything you need to know about your Virginia CDL test. With our help, we are confident that you have the resources to pass the exam on the first try. All it takes is a little studying and the extra practice and you will be ready for the real thing.

If you have any questions, please give us a call, e-mail us or chat with one of our representatives available 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions
That Will Help!

Are the questions specific to Virginia and to getting my Commercial Driver’s License?
Yes. We have included questions that cover important state-specific commercial driving laws you should know to pass the written VA DMV exam.

Is the Driver Preparation Course state and CDL specific?
Our Driver Preparation course is designed for ALL drivers to help solidify their knowledge of their state-specific traffic laws and rules of the road. It is not CDL specific.

How do you generate the test?
The test is generated from a pool of 50 or 100 questions (depending upon the quiz that you choose). You also have the option of reviewing every question one by one.

Can I take this on my smartphone?
Yes, you can study with our practice tests on most mobile devices. The Driver Preparation Course can be viewed on all Android devices.

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