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If you're looking for an efficient and effective way to earn your motorcycle license without any hassle, then look no further! I Drive Safely practice tests will help you study the Texas traffic laws you'll need to know on your DPS exam, and will give you a chance to experience the test just like you'll take at the DPS!

  • Designed specifically for your state
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With a comprehensive study guide that goes over each question, and unlimited retakes of your graded test to mark your progress and challenge your learning, our test is the best way to get prepared for the license you've been waiting for.

Study the Information Two Ways

Anyone who is serious about passing the written motorcycle test knows that studying the material from different angles just plain works. Try using the included study review to really get to know the answers and questions. When you feel confident you know the material, try the graded practice tests to really check your knowledge.

Written by Driving Experts

Every single question is built by leading experts in the drivers education field. That ensures you only get the most helpful and most relevant material to research every time you study.

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Prepare For Your Texas Motorcycle License

Driving a motorcycle can be very dangerous if you are not careful. That is why it is so important that you take your Texas motorcycle license test preparation seriously. We offer you the easiest, most convenient way to prepare for and pass your Texas motorcycle license written test. It's called the 'Complete Package'. It comes with TX driver preparatory course and Texas practice test. The combination of the course and practice questions make for a unique, time-saving learning experience.

Sick of Reading the Driver's Handbook?

We know how time-consuming it is to flip through the Texas driver's handbook. It can take hours to learn all the material and there is no way to know if you actually learned anything. Well we just might have a solution for you. Our 'Complete Package' is equipped with a short 1-hour comprehensive TX driver preparatory course, filled with graphics and animations to help you learn everything that is in the Texas driver's handbook. Once you have learned all the information, you can test your skills with our Texas motorcycle license practice test! It doesn't get any better than that!

More Details About the Prep Course

Our TX driver preparatory course is exclusive to I Drive Safely and is entirely web-based. That means you can take it with you wherever you want to go. The way it works is you create your own user name and password. It also means that you can log on and off as many times as you like. The course will automatically save your spot for you. The best part about the course is that it is only one hour long so you can dedicate a whole hour and get it over with or spread it out-it's entirely up to you!

More Details About the Practice Tests

The beauty about our Texas motorcycle license practice tests is that you can take them in one of two ways. Firstly, you can see the answers and use the test as a study guide. This way you can better understand the answers and see why they are, in fact, the best choice. Secondly, you can hide the answers and take the test as if it is the real thing. This gives you a good idea of what to expect for the actual exam. You can gauge how well you know the material and really know when you are prepared to go into the DPS and take your Texas motorcycle license test.

Any Questions?

If you have questions about our Texas motorcycle license test preparation program, don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff of customer support representatives. You can reach us by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by e-mail or live-chat right on your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions
That Will Help!

Are the questions Motorcycle-specific?
Yes. We have included questions that cover important Texas motorcycle laws you should know to pass the written TX DPS exam.

Is the Driver Preparation Course state and motorcycle specific?
Our Driver Preparation course is designed for ALL drivers to help solidify their knowledge of their state-specific traffic laws and rules of the road. It is not motorcycle specific.

How do you generate the test?
The test is generated from a pool of 50 or 100 questions (depending upon the quiz that you choose). You also have the option of reviewing every question one by one.

Can I take this on my smartphone?
Yes, you can study with our practice tests on most mobile devices. The Driver Preparation Course can be viewed on all Android devices.

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