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Why bother reading a confusing DMV driver handbook when you can interactively study the information you need to know to pass your DMV Learner's Permit Exam? Our DMV Practice Tests allow you to ditch the handbooks and prepare for your exam in an easier, hassle-free way.

  • State-specific questions
  • Traffic laws and road signs
  • Study as much as you want

And, with our Texas DMV Practice Tests, you have two different study options. You can either review both questions and answers, or take graded quizzes to see just how much you know.

Get the edge on exam preparation

Out Driver Prep Course is the best way to prepare since you learn through video and audio. Our newly developed course is the best way to experience all you need to know to pas the exam. Stay engaged as you learn about driving safety, traffic laws, rules & road signs using flash-based animations and cinematic features.

Adults Can Start Driving Quicker!

Adults 18 and over can pass their written driver’s license test without having to go to the DPS!

  • Avoid the Written Exam Completely
  • Pass the Texas Adult Course
    Totally at Home
  • Fulfills mandatory requirement
    for Texas drivers 18-24
Adult Course

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Ages 18-24 years old

This course is mandatory for Texans 18-24 who want a driver’s license. Take it online for ultimate convenience.
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The Best Way to Prepare for your Texas Drivers License Test
Our 'Complete Package' is the best way to prepare for and pass your Texas drivers license test on the first try. It comes with our exclusive Texas driver preparatory course and a 100-question Texas driver license practice test. With the combination of the course and the practice tests, you will have learned all the rules of the road in Texas plus, you will get a really good idea of what to expect on the actual exam. We are dedicated to making you confident as you take the exam as well as while you are on the road.
Texas Driver Preparatory Course
Our preparatory course is a 1-hour comprehensive course that is designed with you in mind. We know how much of a pain it is to read the driver's handbook and we want you to know that the handbook is no longer the only way to prepare for the Texas drivers license test. Now all you have to do is watch, listen and learn. Our course covers all the material inside the handbook including 3D animations and graphics to make it easy to apply what you learn to real life.
Texas Driver License Practice Test
Our Texas driver license practice test is the best way to prepare for the actual exam. The 'Complete Package' comes with 100 practice questions to give you all the extra practice that you need. The 100 questions cycle through to give you a wide variety of examples as they may appear on the actual exam. Like the preparatory course, the practice tests are online so they give you a unique learning experience. You can take our Texas driver license practice test with the answers revealed like you are taking the real thing or hidden to better understand why the right answers are indeed correct.
And If You Just Want One or The Other...
We've got you covered! Some people have already prepared for the exam and don't need all the benefits the 'Complete Package' has to offer. In that case, we also sell our online preparatory course and Texas driver license practice tests separately. We even let you choose between 50 and 100 questions depending on how much extra practice you need. We offer plenty of opportunities for you to prepare for your license exam.
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Feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail, or live-chat. We have representatives available to assist you no matter what time it is. Our customer support staff, available 24/7, can answer any questions you have about our Texas driver preparatory course, practice tests, or any other programs I Drive Safely has to offer.
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