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You want to pass your license exam on the very first try, and we want to help you get there! With our Pennsylvania DMV practice test online , you have the option of not one, but TWO different study methods that will test your knowledge and refresh your skills in a way that a DMV handbook can.t do.

  • State-specific questions
  • Features traffic laws
  • Study as much as you want

Use our interactive study review and unlimited practice quizzes to beef up your knowledge, track your progress, prepare for the exam format, and study around your own schedule and convenience.

Study the Information Two Ways

Because we are completely devoted to helping you pass the written Pennsylvania commercial driver’s license exam, we give you two distinct ways to study the information you have to know. When you are perpetrated to study the questions individually, try the study review. If you are ready to move on and really test your knowledge on facts that will be on the actual written test, give the graded practice test a spin.

Written by Driving Experts

Every question in this practice test was very precisely chosen and written by experts in the driver’s instruction field. So you can know that you are receiving an authoritative learning experience every time you study with the practice test.

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Pass Your Pennsylvania Commercial Drivers License Test
Our Pennsylvania CDL Permit Practice Test and our Driver Preparation Course are a great way to study for and prepare to pass your Pennsylvania Commercial Drivers License Test. We understand that failing your commercial driver license exam really isn’t an option because driving commercial vehicles is your job. That’s why we’re proud to offer effective study tools, designed by experts in the driver education and training industry, that will help you pass your exam.
Get the Complete Package and Save
There’s no such thing as being too prepared, especially when your job is on the line. That’s why our Complete Package is a great option for drivers who want to make sure they’re completely ready to take and pass their CDL exam. When you purchase the Complete Package, you will get our 100-question Pennsylvania CDL Practice Test, and our Driver Preparation Course, for one low price. The benefit of studying with both of these products is they provide a well-rounded approach that lets you review Pennsylvania traffic laws and road signs in a an easy and entertaining way, and then test your knowledge and spend more time studying the information you’re still not sure about.
Our Practice Tests Are a Great Way To Study
There’s no better way to study than to familiarize yourself with the types of questions you’ll see on your exam - when you purchase our Pennsylvania CDL permit practice test, that’s exactly what you’ll get to do! We’ve created our practice tests to be just like your actual exam, so you’re getting a practical way to study everything you’ll need to know to pass. Another great thing about our Pennsylvania CDL permit practice test is you can use it as both a study guide and to generate practice tests. The study guide is a great way to go back and review any questions you may have missed while taking a Pennsylvania CDL permit practice test.
Why Choose Our Driver Preparation Course?
It features Pennsylvania-specific traffic laws and road signs in an entertaining multi-media format that combines text, audio, video, and animation to help you learn. The best part about taking this course is, there’s no reading involved! The entire hour-long course is read for you, so all you have to do is sit back and watch - way better than trying to read through a confusing driver handbook. And, even though it’s not specific information about commercial driving, the course does review traffic laws which you will have to follow when you’re on the road, so it’s probably a good idea to brush up on your knowledge, just in case!
It’s Better To Be Safe Than Sorry
Make sure you’re prepared to pass your CDL exam, and study online with I Drive Safely! Reduce test anxiety, and make sure you’re completely confident with your knowledge. Purchase one of our effective test preparation products and start studying today!

Frequently Asked Questions
That Will Help!

Are the questions specific to Pennsylvania and to getting my Commercial Driver’s License?
Yes. We have included questions that cover important state-specific commercial driving laws you should know to pass the written PA DOT exam.

Is the Driver Preparation Course state and CDL specific?
Our Driver Preparation course is designed for ALL drivers to help solidify their knowledge of their state-specific traffic laws and rules of the road. It is not CDL specific.

How do you generate the test?
The test is generated from a pool of 50 or 100 questions (depending upon the quiz that you choose). You also have the option of reviewing every question one by one.

Can I take this on my smartphone?
Yes, you can study with our practice tests on most mobile devices. The Driver Preparation Course can be viewed on all Android devices.

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