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The state driving test uses tricky questions to try and fool you. Take this free test to see how well you do against the kind of questions you will see on the real test.

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  • Customized to New York
    Every state driving test is different.   So this practice test provides the New York-specific information you need to successfully pass the actual New York written driving test.
  • Specific to your License Test
    The questions on the state driving test are different for every license that state provides. So if you are receiving a learner’s permit, driver’s license, motorcycle or CDL in New York, we provide practice tests that will offer you the specific knowledge you want.
  • Study Two Different Ways
    Our practice tests provide you two unique ways to study for the state sanctioned test: review questions and graded practice tests.  The graded practice tests quizzes you on vital driving facts, while the study review program gives you capability to study each question individually.
  • A New Test Every Time You Take It
    If you want to get totally prepared, you should take the practice test many times, until you feel fully prepared.  Since we mix up the questions when a new practice test is started, it’s almost like you get unique practice test every time you want to study.

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It's so easy to get all the essentials you need to pass your DMV test. We've pulled the important information from the official handbook and put it in together for you to study quickly and easily!

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You'll fly through this class fast with the easy-to-follow audio and video. In addition, our DMV practice test will help you feel completely prepared to pass the real thing!

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Do It Right The First Time Around
Taking a New York DMV practice test before your permit exam just makes sense because it will help you get ready like nothing else can. These NY practice tests have been created by a team of experts who have been studying and working with DMV permit exams for more than ten years. This level of experience has taught them everything they need to know about permit exams, so now they are going to make sure that you know everything too.

Convenience Is Key
There are a lot of really boring and expensive classroom-based permit exam prep courses, but this is definitely not one of them. We know that the last thing you want to do is spend any more of your time sitting in a classroom, which is why these New York DMV practice test packages are done entirely online. All you need is a computer with an internet connection to use these NY permit practice tests, so where you study for your exam is all up to you.

You Are In Charge
One of the great things about using online New York DMV practice test packages to get ready for your exam is that there is no teacher or instructor to give you orders. No one knows your schedule and work habits better than you, so no one can tell you what to do and when to do it. When you study for your NY permit exam is up to you, so you can decide where you study and for how long each day.

Two Packages; You Make The Choice
There are two different New York DMV practice test packages to choose from and only you can decide which one will fit your needs the best. One of the packages has 50 practice questions in it and the other one has 100 questions; that may sound like a lot, but the more practice you get the better you will do on the exam.

How It Works
Once you decide which New York DMV practice test package you want you can start using them. The computer selects at random from your question pool to put together a practice test for you; this means that you will never see the same one twice. The format for these online practice tests is the same as the permit exam you will take at the DMV, so you get the best possible preparation. Even better, every one of the practice questions has been taken from actual DMV exams and if you are lucky you may even see some of them on your permit test.

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  • New York-specific questions