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The state driving test uses tricky questions to try and fool you. Take this free test to see how well you do against the kind of questions you will see on the real test.

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  • Customized to Nevada
    When you choose a practice test, you want one that reflects Nevada’s unique laws.  Our practice test provides you with the information you need to pass your state’s one of a kind written driving test.
  • Specific to your License Test
    The CDL, driver’s license, motorcycle license, and learner’s permit test are totally different from each other, and you need to know this license specific information before you pass.  We give you just that by providing practice tests that contain the kind of license-specific facts you require.
  • Study Two Different Ways
    Studying two different ways gives you a way to be completely prepared.  By using our study review, you can research the information you have to know.  By using our practice quiz, you can know what it’s like to the real quiz before you actually take it.
  • A New Test Every Time You Take It
    If you want to get even more prepared, just take the practice test quiz over and over again.  We mix up the questions every time, so it’s a new study experience each and every time.

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This online course is an efficient way to study for and pass your DMV test. Learn everything you need to know quickly and easily. You'll get all of the essential information found in the DMV handbook without searching around on your own.

  • Audio & video make it easy
  • Just 1 hour to finish
  • Practice tests get you ready

You'll easily learn and remember the essential details you need to pass at the DMV. Breeze through the practice test and you'll be ready for the real thing!

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Studying The Smart Way
These Nevada DMV practice test packages were designed with you in mind because we know how much you want to get your permit. Driving with your permit is one of those things you have been waiting to come for a long time, so it's not fun to hear about how hard the test is and that most people fail it on their first attempt. We want to make sure you only have to take the DMV permit exam one time, which is why our team of experts designed this Nevada DMV sample test just for you. These experts have been working with the permit exam for over a decade, so they want to make sure you know everything that will be on the test and won't have to worry about any surprises.

It's Better Online
Our experts know how valuable your free time is and also how busy life can get, so they designed the Nevada DMV permit practice test to be 100% web-based. This means that all you need is a computer with a basic internet connection to access it, so where you study depends on what is most comfortable for you. You can also tailor it to fit around your schedule and study at your own convenience, so you never have to think about what anyone else is doing or when they're doing it.

How It Works
This Nevada DMV practice test is made up of 100 multiple-choice questions that have each appeared on DMV permit exams in the past. This means that you can study with the real thing and may even see some of them on your test. The computer will generate a Nevada DMV sample test for you anytime you want and each one is completely random, so it's guaranteed that you will never see the same one more than once. This allows you to maximize your studying and get the most from your practice test.

Want the whole package?
In addition to this Nevada DMV permit practice test our experts also developed a driver preparatory course that is about an hour long and contains everything that will be on your exam. This course talks about driving rules and regulations, safe driving practices, the effects of alcohol and drug-impaired driving, and ways to raise your awareness on the roadways. Best of all, the whole thing is graphics and interactive 3-D animations; there is no reading and it's all fun!

Success Guaranteed
There is no reason to leave anything to chance when it comes to getting your permit and that's the point of this 100-question Nevada DMV practice test and driver prep course. It's never too late, so log online right now and you can get started today.

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  • Know the DMV test before you take it
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