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The state driving test uses tricky questions to try and fool you. Take this free test to see how well you do against the kind of questions you will see on the real test.

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  • Customized to Missouri
    The state driving laws in Missouri are as unique as Missouri itself.  Because of that, we made certain to include practice questions that contain information about your state’s particular regulations.
  • Specific to your License Test
    The driver’s license, learner’s permit, motorcycle and CDL test in Missouri all quiz you on different facts, so we have created tests that assist you in understanding information for the individual license you are seeking. 
  • Study Two Different Ways
    Researching information two different ways is a verified method to improve retention of the important driving info.  That’s why we have incorporated both the study review system, which gives you the ability to study each question one at a time, and the practice quizzes, where you can test your knowledge and see which questions you get wrong and right.
  • A New Test Every Time You Take It
    Take the test repeatedly to improve your knowledge and confidence.  We mix up the questions every single time, so you get new important driving information with each new permit test.

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You Only Have To Take It Once
This Missouri DMV practice test is the only way to guarantee that you only take your permit exam once. The majority of people take their DMV permit exam at least twice, but that is mostly because they don't take the right steps to prepare and therefore don't ever know what they're up against. Our team of experts has been studying the MO DMV permit exam for over ten years, so they are experts in what will be on your test. This is why we have enlisted their help to create these practice tests just for you. This way you can rest assured that everything you need to know will be on these practice tests and that there will be no surprises on your test day at the DMV.

Online; It Just Makes Sense
One of the really great things about these Missouri DMV practice test packages is that everything for them is done online. All you need is a computer that has an internet connection to access them, so you can essentially study from anywhere you want; even the comfort of your own home. The first MO permit package consists of 50 practice questions and the other one has 100 questions. Both of them offer the same great online features, so your choice should depend on how much practice you think you want before your exam.

How It Works
Signing up for your Missouri DMV practice test packages only takes a few minutes of your time, so you get to start using them that very same day if you want. All you have to do when you register for your package is to pick a username and password for your account. This unique ID allows you to access your course from anywhere you want. Plus, your account is good for sixty days from the day you sign up, so you will have more than enough time to study and prepare for your exam.

Two Study Methods
There are two different ways that you can use your Missouri DMV practice test package, so you can decide which study method works best for you. You can scroll through each question one at a time and use them as a memorization review or you can have the computer automatically put together individual quizzes for you.

Sample Practice Tests
The thing that is so great about these computer-generated quizzes is that they have the same format as the one you will see at the DMV. This way your Missouri DMV practice test is working double-time for you by giving an edge over everyone else because on the test day you will already be familiar with the format. Every question on these practice tests has appeared on actual DMV exams too, so there really is no better way to ensure your success.

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