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You've worked hard to be a responsible motorcycle driver, and you deserve an efficient way to ensure you pass your DMV exam on your first try. With our Mississippi practice Test , you get two proven study methods that work with you to test your knowledge and target the concepts that you need more attention on. Plus, the test is interactive and fun-no DMV handbook required!

  • Designed specifically for your state
  • Features traffic laws
  • Study as much as you want

Take the graded practice quizzes as many times as you like to feel confident, and use the study review to go over the things you need work on. It's that easy.

Study From Different Angles

The best way to learn material quickly is to approach it from multiple points of view. That's why we've included two proven study methods into your practice test: a study review to go over the questions one by one, and a practice quiz that you can take as many times as you wish, with new questions jumbled around each time. Set it to give you a score, too, so you can track your improvement!

Built by the Best in the Business

Your Mississippi Practice Test was put together by driving education experts and has been tailored to motorcycle driver's specifications. You get the most relevant and important questions that you're likely to see on your actual DMV exam-because our goal is to help you succeed.

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The Freedom To Ride

There is nothing better than the feeling of putting your bike into motion and that can be completely stopped if you don't pass your Mississippi motorcycle license test. We want to help you be a success on the test the first time so you can get on your bike as soon as possible, which is why we developed this Mississippi motorcycle permit practice test and driver prep course. The driver prep course (DPC) give you a perfect refresher of what you will be tested on the practice test gives you a chance to put your knowledge to the test with what is just like the Mississippi motorcycle license test.

Bring The Studying To You

The Mississippi motorcycle safety course and practice test are entirely online because we want you to have all the convenience and accessibility you need to study for your big day. That means that everything you need can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection, so you can take your studying anywhere with you or do it all from the comfort of your own home. Plus, it never requires you to change your plans or carve out huge blocks of time to do it because it's there whenever you are.

DPC Online

The Mississippi motorcycle safety course is one hour long and focuses on all the topics that you will see on the test, so it's a great refresher before the practice test. The whole course is graphics, videos, and interactive 3-D animations too, so there's no boring reading or facts to memorize. When you sign up for the study package you will get to create an online account, so you can log in and out anytime; you can study for 5 minutes or 5 hours.

Test Your Knowledge!

After taking the quick refresher course we want to help you see how much you know before you actually go in to take the Mississippi motorcycle license test. The 100- question practice test allows you to do that and even better is that all the practice questions have been taken from actual DMV exams. This gives you the rare chance to practice with the real thing and you will probably even see some of them on your test. The Mississippi motorcycle permit practice test even has the same format as the real DMV exam, so you can get comfortable with it beforehand.

Just Makes Sense

Our experts designed this perfect study package to prepare you for everything that will on the test, so it just makes sense to take advantage of it. You can sign up in a matter of minutes and start studying right away. So log online right now and secure your success today!

Frequently Asked Questions
That Will Help!

Are the questions Motorcycle-specific?
Yes. We have included questions that cover important Mississippi motorcycle laws you should know to pass the written MS DPS exam.

Is the Driver Preparation Course state and motorcycle specific?
Our Driver Preparation course is designed for ALL drivers to help solidify their knowledge of their state-specific traffic laws and rules of the road. It is not motorcycle specific.

How do you generate the test?
The test is generated from a pool of 50 or 100 questions (depending upon the quiz that you choose). You also have the option of reviewing every question one by one.

Can I take this on my smartphone?
Yes, you can study with our practice tests on most mobile devices. The Driver Preparation Course can be viewed on all Android devices.

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