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The state driving test uses tricky questions to try and fool you. Take this free test to see how well you do against the kind of questions you will see on the real test.

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  • Customized to Minnesota
    Minnesota’s state regulations are like no other state’s.  With that in mind, we made a practice test that helps drivers know the state’s unique traffic laws.
  • Specific to your License Test
    What test you get will depend upon the license you want to receive. The learner’s permit, driver’s license, motorcycle and CDL test in Minnesota are all distinct, so we made our practice tests to only have the information important to your specific test.
  • Study Two Different Ways
    If you only use a single way to study, you just won’t be as prepped as you can be.  That’s why we have made two different ways to research the information: the graded practice tests and the study review system.
  • A New Test Every Time You Take It
    The dmv practice tests are produced from a pool of 50 or 100 questions, so it is like studying with  a brand new practice test every time.

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Studying for your driver's test has never been so easy! Using the DMV handbook we've put everything you need to into one, easy-to-use 1-hour class.

  • Get valuable driving info in 1 hour
  • Learn easily with audio & video lessons
  • Be completely prepared with practice test

With engaging audio and video, you'll easily retain all the important details you need to succeed. Once you breeze through the practice test, the DMV test will be a snap!

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Practice for Success
The MN permit exam can be really difficult and that is why most people fail it on their first attempt. We had our team of experts design a driver prep course for you that comes with Minnesota DMV practice test questions so you can test your knowledge afterwards. These experts have more than a decade of experience with the Minnesota permit exam and now they want to make sure you know everything that will be on it as well.

Online Convenience You Deserve
This Minnesota driver preparatory course is done entirely online, so all you need to access it is a computer with a basic internet connection. This allows you to work from the comfort of your own home and take a Minnesota driver license practice test from anywhere that you want. The course is designed to be done at your own pace too, so you never have to feel rushed or pressed for time and can easily study when it's convenient for you.

Minnesota Driver License Practice Test and Course
You can sign up for the online driver prep course and take a Minnesota DMV practice test all in the same day; it's that fast and easy. You will get to pick a username and password that will be unique to your account, enabling you to access and work on the course and practice tests anytime you want and from any computer. Plus, you will never get bored with the course because it's one hour of multimedia fun. The entire course is made up of graphics, videos, and 3-D animations so there is literally nothing you have to read.

Test Your Knowledge!
After you finish the Minnesota driver preparatory course you can test your knowledge by taking some of the practice tests. These practice tests look identical to the one you will see at the DMV, so you get all the time you want to familiarize yourself with the format and get comfortable. Plus, you're practicing with real permit exam questions and may even see some of them on your test. You can take as many practice tests as you want, so there is no limit to how much studying you can do and how prepared you will be for the big day.

Support Is There
The Minnesota DMV practice test complete package is very easy to use, but we understand that sometimes questions come up when you least expect them and that's not always at the most convenient times either. This is why our customer support representatives work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you and to ensure that there is always someone available to you. You can reach them by calling the toll-free hotline, emailing, or even by chatting live with a rep right from your computer.

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