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The state driving test uses tricky questions to try and fool you. Take this free test to see how well you do against the kind of questions you will see on the real test.

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  • Customized to Illinois
    The state traffic laws of Illinois are totally one of a kind.  Because you need to have the most relevant information, this practice test includes information on the state’s completely unique laws.
  • Specific to your License Test

    The test questions you will see will be completely different depending upon the license for which you are testing. The learner’s permit, driver’s license, motorcycle and CDL test in Illinois all contain different information, so we tailored all our practice tests to the particular license you want..

  • Study Two Different Ways
    While there are some practice tests that only provide one way to study, we give you two.  The unique study review system if for when you want to research each question and answer one at a time.  When you are ready to test your knowledge, try the graded practice quizzes.
  • A New Test Every Time You Take It
    Our dmv permit tests are jumbled up every single time you want to take them.   That means you get a new study experience whenever you want to prepare for your state written driving test.

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With engaging audio and video, you'll easily retain all the important details you need to succeed. Once you breeze through the practice test, the DMV test will be a snap!

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Success Is Within Your Reach
We know just how stressful it can be getting ready for the Illinois permit exam because you feel like a lot is riding on it. We all know that most people fail the permit exam on their first attempt, so taking advantage of an Illinois DMV practice test is a great way to start your studying off the right way. We have a team of experts helping us out and they have been working with the DMV permit exam for over ten years, so they know everything that you will see on it. Lucky for you they have decide to jam pack all this important information into an Illinois driver preparatory course just for you, so you won't have to worry about any surprises on your big day.

Illinois Drivers License Practice Test Online
The Illinois DMV practice test developed by our team of experts really is the best way to get ready because every question on it has been pulled from past DMV exams, so you can study with the real thing. This gives you access to questions that have been on the actual exam you're going to be taking and you may even get lucky enough to see some of them on yours. There are 100 practice questions and the computer selects from them at random to ensure that each practice test you take is 100% unique. Every practice test is put together in the exact same format as the DMV exam too, so you can take all the time you need beforehand to get comfortable and familiar with it.

For Your Convenience
Both the Illinois DMV practice test as well as the driver prep course is offered entirely online, so all you need to access them is a computer that has a basic internet connection. This gives you the flexibilities you need to work around your busy schedule, so you never have to change your plans or rearrange anything in your life. You can come and go as you please and study when it's best for you, not the other way around. Plus, you can do it all in the comfort of your own home and don't have to deal with an uncomfortable classroom jam-packed with strangers.

Prepare For Success On Your Exam!
This Illinois driver preparatory course is about an hour long and it covers all the topics you need to know to be successful on the permit exam. Even better, the entire course is multimedia, so it's loaded with graphics, interactive 3-D animations, and videos to keep you entertained. This makes learning everything you need to know fun and you don't have to read a thing!

Just Makes Sense
Taking advantage of the driver prep course and the 100-question Illinois drivers license practice test makes it the complete package. You can log online right now, sign up, and start studying today!

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