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GA DMV Practice Tests


These Georgia DMV practice tests are the best way to study for your DMV permit exam because they are the closest thing you will find to what the actual test looks like. We have a team of experts who have designed these GA DMV practice tests and each one of them has over a decade of experience, so they know exactly how to prepare you for your big day at the DMV. Plus, these Georgia DMV practice tests are entirely online, so you can access them from any computer with an internet connection.


Since these GA DMV practice tests are all web-based, you can work on them whenever it is convenient for you. There is no instructor with this study method, so you get to choose when you study, for how long, and from where. You can work these Georgia DMV practice tests around your schedule, so you never have to worry about having to rearrange anything to accommodate your studying.


When you register for these Georgia DMV practice tests you will be prompted to pick a username and password for your account. This will allow you to log in from any computer location and still be able to work on your GA DMV practice tests. You can log in and out of these practice tests as much as you want over sixty days, so the amount of studying you do is totally up to you.


There are two practice test packages for you to choose from; one of them consists of 50 practice questions and the other one has 100. Once you have chosen which package best fits your needs, you are ready to get started on your studying. The computer automatically generates Georgia DMV practice tests for you by randomly selecting form your question pool; this method also ensures that you will never see the exact same one more than once. These GA DMV practice tests look just like the one you will see at the DMV, so it's a great way to get used to the format. Also, every question we use has been taken from actual DMV written exams, so you get to practice with the real thing and you may even see one of them on your exam.


The system scores your practice tests right away, so you don't have to wait to find out how you did. This gives you the chance to see your mistakes and to maximize your study time. It's better to make mistakes on the practice tests now and fix them so you don't repeat them at the DMV.

Passing your learner's permit test is just a click away, so log on today!