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If passing your Connecticut CDL written exam is crucial to your career, don't risk failing it. Our effective Connecticut CDL Practice Tests are available with both 50 and 100 questions, and are designed by professionals to help you pass your DMV exam the very first time you take it. Get the most out of your study time and practice passing your CT CDL exam.

  • State-specific questions
  • Features traffic laws
  • Study as much as you want

Our online Connecticut DMV Commercial Drivers License Practice Tests are the perfect way to prepare for your DMV exam.

Two Different Ways to Study

This goes way beyond a mere practice test. This is also a pair of different study systems to help you get prepared. The first step is the study review, which enables you to research each question one a time, so you really know the answers well. Once you know the information, just start practicing with the graded practice test and see your score.

Designed By Experts

If you want a practice test designed the premiere experts in driver's education, then this is the one for you. Our powerful tests give you all the prep work you need to pass the Connecticut commercial driver's license exam in just one attempt.

Improve Your Chances of Success When You Study with I Drive Safely!
Don't Take It Twice
It's very true that Connecticut CDL tests are hard and filled with really tricky questions, which is why so many people fail them on their first attempt. Getting your commercial driver license can really affect your livelihood, so we understand just how important it is that you be successful right away. To ensure that you pass the Connecticut CDL tests the very first time we had a team of experts design a comprehensive study package just for you. It is a combination of a driver preparatory course as well as Connecticut CDL practice tests so you can test out all your knowledge. This is a good way to gauge how prepared you are and when you will be ready to take the real test.
Convenience When You Need It
Your life can get really busy, so being able to carve out huge blocks of free time is nearly impossible most days. That is why we offer this Connecticut online CDL test prep package entirely on the web. All you need to access the DMV practice tests is a computer that has a basic internet connection, so you can study whenever it's convenient for your schedule. You can log in and out as much as you like, allowing you to study as little or as much as you have time for every day. Plus, you don't have to travel anywhere to do it because it's accessible from the comfort of your own home.
Online Driver Preparatory Course
This online course is about an hour long, but there is no rush and you can work on it at whatever pace is most comfortable for you. The entire thing from start to finish is multimedia-based, which means there is no boring reading. This will allow you to have fun with graphics, 3-D animations, and videos while you learn. The course contains everything that will be on the Connecticut CDL tests, so how prepared you get for the big day is totally up to you.
Guaranteeing Your Success!
Each one of the Connecticut CDL practice tests is made up solely of multiple-choice questions that have been pulled from past DMV exams, which means you are studying with the real thing. The practice tests are a practical way to test out how much you've learned from the driver prep course, so you don't have to rely on a bunch of memorization. The Connecticut practice tests have the same format as the actual DMV CDL exam too, so you can take as much time as you need beforehand to familiarize yourself with it.
It's Up To You
We offer this Connecticut online CDL test prep course to ensure that you pass the your test the first time around; signing up for it is up to you. Log online right now and make the smart choice; start working towards a successful future today!

Frequently Asked Questions
That Will Help!

Are the questions specific to Connecticut and to getting my Commercial Driver’s License?
Yes. We have included questions that cover important state-specific commercial driving laws you should know to pass the written CT DMV exam.

Is the Driver Preparation Course state and CDL specific?
Our Driver Preparation course is designed for ALL drivers to help solidify their knowledge of their state-specific traffic laws and rules of the road. It is not CDL specific.

How do you generate the test?
The test is generated from a pool of 50 or 100 questions (depending upon the quiz that you choose). You also have the option of reviewing every question one by one.

Can I take this on my smartphone?
Yes, you can study with our practice tests on most mobile devices. The Driver Preparation Course can be viewed on all Android devices.

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